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"When does a journey begin? And does it ever really end?"
travl is the answer to these two questions. We believe that the journey begins long before you've stepped onboard the airplane or boarded a train. The journey begins with discovery and excitement. And it doesn't really ever end, staying with us in our memories, photos we share and stories we'll tell.


Planning is fun only for a small number of people. The rest of us dread the time we'll spend comparing things, picking ones over others to stay within our budget, trying to please everyone who is coming along. This is where travl can help! We make it less about planning and more about discovering new places to see, sharing ideas with others and giving advice.


Traveling to any place other than your home is stressful. Did you print your flight passes? Do you have the latest maps and routes? What about the weather? Travl is here to take away as much stress as possible. With all your itinerary items right at your fingertips, latest weather, maps and news updates traveling has never been easier! Oh, and isn't it great that everyone else has a copy?


With so many photo and media sharing options, it's hard to keep track of who has what and where can you find it. By linking your Facebook, Google+, Flickr and Instagram accounts (among many others), it's easy to share your trip with the right people via correct channels. Want to show off your skills or just want to share the joy and experience with the rest of the world? Easy. Shared fun is twice the fun!